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Free RPG Day 2018

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What is Free RPG Day?

According to their site:

Established in 2007, Free RPG Day works with participating hobby game retailers and RPG publishers to bring new and exclusive RPG quickstart rules and adventure modules into the hands of gamers.

Consumers WORLDWIDE will be able to grab brand new material for a variety of RPGs — no overstock, retail-priced or dead product here. The goal of Free RPG Day is to inspire gamers to play a new RPG, which will in turn, create sales through local game stores.

When is Free RPG Day?

This year’s Free RPG Day is Saturday, June 16th.

Where is Free RPG Day?

Your FLGS is most likely taking part in the event, but to be sure you can find  participating retailers here.

Which Publishers are Participating?

To name just a few

Free RPG Day Tips

  • Get there early, there are only a few copies of each title
  • Check the website and go there with an idea of what you want, it can be a bit of a grabfest
  • Support your FLGS for hosting the event. If you can’t afford to make a purchase, promote the event and their store on social media

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Monte Cook’s Kickstarter: Numenera

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Monte Cook, one of the chief 3.5 architects has a new project in the works, a science fantasy game called, Numenera. What’s it all about?

From the Kickstarter page:

I’m really excited to announce that I’m working on a new game. It’s called Numenera, and it’s a far future, science fantasy, post-apocalyptic game with streamlined rules that prioritize the story, the action, and the wild ideas. If you’re a fan of outside-of-the-box gameplay such as that found in Planescape, Dark Space, or Chaositech, the far-future stories of Gene Wolfe, Michael Moorcock, or Jack Vance, or mind-blowing visuals like those found in the work of French artist Moebius, you’re going to love Numenera.

The setting sounds interesting:

Numenera is set a billion years in the future. Civilizations have risen and fallen on Earth. Even though the current inhabitants live at about a Medieval level of technology, the leftover remnants of these advanced societies lie all around them. Some of these are extremely helpful: advanced tools, valuable means of communication and learning, transportation, defenses, and weapons. Others are dangerous: genetically altered monstrosities, flesh-warping radiation, creatures transplanted from distant stars, and clouds of out-of-control nanobots, just to name a few. This setting, called the Ninth World, provides all manner of opportunities and challenges to those that call it home.

The game system that drives Numenera is meant to be fast-moving and simple, so that it facilitates the stories the group wants to create, the imaginative places and creatures the GM needs to describe, and the mind-blowing ideas the world encourages. Everything in the game is designed with these goals in mind.

If this game is anything like Monte’s 3.5 books, his Dungeon a Week site, or his Ptolus setting this game will be worth a look.

Cook’s Kickstarter page

Numenera website

Paizo Announces Virtual Gametable

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From the Paizo blog:

Sat, Jul 7, 2012 at 10:18 PM Pacific

Paizo reinvents the virtual tabletop to be played directly on!

Uses Paizo’s high, max resolution maps, handouts and everything you need to run our APs. Makes everything easy to connect with people and get playing. As long as you can get to you can play!

Edit: We’ve posted details on the announcement, some screenshots (including features that weren’t shown at the banquet), and more info about free play and paying for stuff.

Sara Marie
Customer Carebear

It will be interesting to see how this turns out, as WotC has failed several times to achieve what one would think a simple task in the age of the video game.

D&D Next Playtest

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I am still unable to download the playtest from Wizard’s site, but thankfully a friend e-mailed me a copy. Shitty distribution aside, D&D Next is looking pretty cool.

It is almost like dnd basic sans the races acting like classes. Skills are gone, as are feats (well, still here, but in a vastly different form). Each class gets something each  (though the play test does not cover character creation). Most everything is an ability check. It seems rp based rather than a miniature game (which should appeal to 1e and 2e players). Things are back to being in feet rather than squares similar to 2e.It is clear that the designers want you to be able to player in the “Mind’s Eye Theater” of former editions, but tokens and minis can still be used.

Tracking a ton of pluses is gone instead you have advantage or disadvantage where you roll an extra die twenty and take the better or the worse.

Gone are the thirty “does it stack” bonuses of my beloved third. Ac is very simple, armor + dex for light, armor + half dex for med, etc. Shields add a bonus. I will be curious to see how they do rings of protection and items of that type. I remember the nightmare armor classes of 2ed when everything stacked.

Saves are just ability checks. Break the chains, str check, avoid charm, chr check etc.

Daily, encounter powers are gone. Though casters can use cantrips at will and some spells have been made cantrips, magic missile for example is a cantrip and be therefore used at will.

Monsters have xp values again. Not sure how you decide what is a good challenge for your party, but it is still very early.

Classes can be customised with the addition of backgrounds and themes similar to 4e’s darksun.

The game is simplified all around without feeling simple. Small thing like two-handed weapons just do more dmg rather than dmg and a half.

After reading it, it makes 3.5/4th seem over-complicated. Almost all hints of 4e are gone with the exception of short rests which are similar to healing surges. You can rest, bind wounds etc and get hps back between fights until you hit die pool is gone. For example a lvl 3 wizard would have 3d4 of healing to use the whole day. He could use a die at a time or one bigger heal.

There seems a return to flavor text which decreased in 3.0, 3.5, and 4th. Each monster has a great deal of flavor that draws the reader in and give quest ideas.

Looks pretty cool. I’m encouraged. I am signed up for the official play test at Gen Con, and will have more to write after that.

D&D 5th Edition?

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Wizards of the Coast is moving forward with the next edition of D&D. As seen in several places, to include The New York Times, The Escapist, and WotC’s website, the next edition of D&D will be a collaboration with fans of the game. Mike Mearls, new Senior Manager of D&D, (congrats to Mike on the promotion) writes that weekly adventures featuring new material will be released each week to participating game store (much like the weekly D&D Encounters) and gamer feedback will be taken into account.

Mearls is the greatest resource that WotC has at its disposal and I feel confident the next edition of the game will be strong. Mearls has played every edition of D&D and intends to make the next version something any D&D gamer will recognize.

Also, Monte Cook has been re-hired. This is a great move of Wizard’s part, as Cooke is one of the most imaginative D&D writers/DM’s working today.

I know many people (myself include) have become jaded with D&D in the last few years, but I truly believe the next version will be the best yet.

Now lets hope they bring back Dave Noonan.

Read up:

Times Article

Mearl’s Article

Escapist Article

True Dungeon 2012 Update

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In a recent press release, True Dungeon Ltd. announced it will expand its fantasy world with NPCs, magic item crafting, and meals; all without breaking character. Also, by the sound of it, the tavern is back. Here’s an excerpt of the release:

“Gen Con Indy 2012 will be our 10th annual True Dungeon™ event, as well as Gen Con’s 45th anniversary, and I am incredibly excited about how our new location will help us celebrate these important milestones,” said Jeff Martin, CEO/Owner of True Adventures, Ltd. “True Dungeon will be an exciting celebration of Gen Con’s 45th anniversary as True Dungeon expands with an immersive story-scape area that players can enjoy before and after each two-hour adventure.”

“It will be possible for a group of gamers to spend an entire day immersed inside True Dungeon. They could arrive in the morning, speak with some NPCs for useful rumors, and then attempt to make magic items, gather information and obtain protective magic with a new event called “Truecraft,” noted Martin.

“After that, they could enjoy one of our famous two-hour adventures, and then they can sit down for a nice lunch.  A little later they could take on the epic challenge of True Grind, and then they can enjoy a round of adult beverages as they boast of their incredible victory.  Next, they could delve into a different two-hour adventure that would bring them back into the story-scape area at dinner time.  A quick meal and more drinks could then be enjoyed – as well as another session of “Truecraft”.  In short, gamers can spend the entire day immersed in True Dungeon’s fantasy setting.” said Martin.  Washroom facilities will be available inside the event space.

Gen Con and True Dungeon Sign Four-Year Contract

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Gen con announced yesterday that they will be signing a four-year contract with True Dungeon Ltd. According to their press release:

After a record-setting show in Indianapolis this August with almost 120,000 turnstile attendance, Gen Con LLC is building huge plans for the next four years of Gen Con along with True Adventures, Ltd. Gen Con Indy 2012 is not only the 45th anniversary of North America’s largest game convention, it will also be the 10th year of True Dungeon. Long-term planning together between the two companies has yielded an unprecedented four-year agreement. True Dungeon is slated to run at Gen Con Indy through 2015! In a strategic move, True Dungeon will, for the first time, be hosted entirely within the Indiana Convention Center, directly in the heart of Gen Con.

TD claims that the move out of the hotel will allow for larger, and “more immersive” sets. Is it August yet”?


Dragon Age Redemption to Debut on October 11th

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Felicia Day, Queen of Kingdom Geek, announced to her loyal subjects that her long-awaited web series based on the Dragon Age world will debut on October 11th to coincide with release of Mark of the Assassin (which is new down-loadable content for Dragon Age 2).

On her Facebook page today she stated

Some articles are coming out today on Dragon Age Redemption/DLC Mark of the Assassin! […]

And the web series premieres on October 11th on Machinima’s YouTube channel! Same day as Mark of the Assassin DLC 🙂

Here is the link to the article she is referring to: LINK

Here is a link to our article about Dragon Age Redemption: LINK

This web series will be EPIC!

Madness at Gardmore Abbey Boxed Set

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pic via

Tomorrow Wizards will release Madness at Gardmore Abbey. According to the Wizards website:

This deluxe adventure takes heroes into the ruins of Gardmore Abbey, a monastery that was once the base of a militant order of paladins devoted to Bahamut. According to legend, the paladins brought a dark artifact back from a far crusade and stored it in their abbey for safekeeping, and evil forces gathered to assault the abbey and take it back. What the legends don’t tell is that this artifact was actually the Deck of Many Things, a force of pure Chaos.

This adventure brings characters into the extensive dungeons beneath the ruins—dungeons that are warped and twisted with the raw forces of Chaos surrounding the cards of the deck.

I am glad to see that boxed sets are making a comeback. While I personally prefer 3.5e. I do miss the box sets from second edition. You really felt like you were getting your money’s worth because along with the books, you got poster maps, handouts, code wheels, 3d cardboard terrain, etc.

Another awesome aspect of this adventure is that it comes with a deck of many things. While this artifact has ended or destroyed more campaigns than it’s helped, it is still an icon of D&D.

This boxed set comes with a bunch of cool stuff:

  • Four 32-page books that present the adventure location of Gardmore Abbey, new monsters, enemies and allies, quests, and encounters.
  • Two double-sided battle maps depicting dramatic locations in the adventure.
  • A die-cut card stock sheet of monster tokens.
  • A die-cut card stock sheet of dungeon tiles.
  • A deck of 24 cards — 22 cards presenting the Deck of Many Things plus 2 Treasure Cards.


The adventure begins tomorrow and will retail for 39.99USD

Example of the DoMT artwork:

Neverwinter Campaign Setting Drops Tomorrow

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Made popular by a string of video games (including the first ever MMORPG), and  a series of books by R.A. Salvatore, the city of Neverwinter is now its own campaign setting.  According to

A heroic campaign set in one of the most popular regions of the Forgotten Realms world.

Reduced to ruins by supernatural cataclysms, Neverwinter rises from the ashes to reclaim its title as the Jewel of the North. Yet even as its citizens return and rebuild, hidden forces pursue their own goals and vendettas, any one of which could tear the city apart.

Neverwinter has long been one of the most popular locations in the Forgotten Realms campaign world. This book presents a complete heroic-tier campaign setting that plunges players into the politics, skullduggery, and peril of a city on the brink of destruction or greatness. A wealth of information about Neverwinter and its environs is provided: maps, quests, encounters, and statistics — everything a Dungeon Master needs for his heroic tier adventures.

If you didn’t snag a prerelease copy at Gen Con, Neverwinter drops tomorrow and retails for 39.95 USD