True Dungeon 2012 Update

In a recent press release, True Dungeon Ltd. announced it will expand its fantasy world with NPCs, magic item crafting, and meals; all without breaking character. Also, by the sound of it, the tavern is back. Here’s an excerpt of the release:

“Gen Con Indy 2012 will be our 10th annual True Dungeon™ event, as well as Gen Con’s 45th anniversary, and I am incredibly excited about how our new location will help us celebrate these important milestones,” said Jeff Martin, CEO/Owner of True Adventures, Ltd. “True Dungeon will be an exciting celebration of Gen Con’s 45th anniversary as True Dungeon expands with an immersive story-scape area that players can enjoy before and after each two-hour adventure.”

“It will be possible for a group of gamers to spend an entire day immersed inside True Dungeon. They could arrive in the morning, speak with some NPCs for useful rumors, and then attempt to make magic items, gather information and obtain protective magic with a new event called “Truecraft,” noted Martin.

“After that, they could enjoy one of our famous two-hour adventures, and then they can sit down for a nice lunch.  A little later they could take on the epic challenge of True Grind, and then they can enjoy a round of adult beverages as they boast of their incredible victory.  Next, they could delve into a different two-hour adventure that would bring them back into the story-scape area at dinner time.  A quick meal and more drinks could then be enjoyed – as well as another session of “Truecraft”.  In short, gamers can spend the entire day immersed in True Dungeon’s fantasy setting.” said Martin.  Washroom facilities will be available inside the event space.

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