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D&D 5th Edition?

Posted in Dungeons and Dragons, Gaming News with tags , , , on January 9, 2012 by boccobsblog

Wizards of the Coast is moving forward with the next edition of D&D. As seen in several places, to include The New York Times, The Escapist, and WotC’s website, the next edition of D&D will be a collaboration with fans of the game. Mike Mearls, new Senior Manager of D&D, (congrats to Mike on the promotion) writes that weekly adventures featuring new material will be released each week to participating game store (much like the weekly D&D Encounters) and gamer feedback will be taken into account.

Mearls is the greatest resource that WotC has at its disposal and I feel confident the next edition of the game will be strong. Mearls has played every edition of D&D and intends to make the next version something any D&D gamer will recognize.

Also, Monte Cook has been re-hired. This is a great move of Wizard’s part, as Cooke is one of the most imaginative D&D writers/DM’s working today.

I know many people (myself include) have become jaded with D&D in the last few years, but I truly believe the next version will be the best yet.

Now lets hope they bring back Dave Noonan.

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