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GameholeCon 2018

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GameHoleCon 2019

Pic by Arcadya Photography

GameHoleCon is a tabletop convention held at the Alliant Energy Center  in Madison WI each fall. We attended GHC for Saturday only, and this is our review.

Free Parking
One of the biggest draws for GameholeCon is the parking. If you’ve been to GenCon or another major event then you’re used to paying $25+ a day on parking. The Alliant Energy Center has nearly 6,000 free spots. There was ample free parking. This was a welcome change.

Food & Drink
This is one area that the con really suffered. The concessions in the AEC are limited. The food was expensive and they only carried Pepsi products. If you prefer or need to drink diet soda, then Diet Pepsi is your only choice. Diet Pepsi is somewhere between demon piss and gasoline. The con had a deal where you could get a refillable cup, but again a refillable cup of demon piss isn’t really a win. There were food carts outside the AEC, but the prices were high (I spent 5 dollars on a bottle of soda from a vendor).

If you attend you should know ahead of time, there are no restaurants close to the convention center.

The AEC sells beer in their concession area. This is a rare find at most cons.

The hotels are close to the hall, but many require a short walk outside. This isn’t a bad thing, but should be considered because booking a room. The Clarion Suites is the onsite hotel with an enclosed walkway to the AEC. There were plenty of hotel rooms available for the con (another welcome change).

Vendor Hall
The vendor area is fairly small, but all the major names and usual suspects were in attendance.

Access to Industry Celebs
The most impressive aspect of this small con was the sheer number industry celebs that attended,, and how easy it was to approach and even game with them. On the one day we were in attendance we saw, Matt Mercer, Chris Perkins, Satine Phoenix and Matt Lillard.

In Conclusion
GameHoleCon has all of the features of a large con-True Dungeon, miniature painting, Adventurer’s League, Pathfinder Society, industry celebrity games (maybe more so than a large con). The staff was extremely friendly, and there was plenty of free parking. GameHoleCon is worth visiting and we will be returning.

True Dungeon 2012 Update

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In a recent press release, True Dungeon Ltd. announced it will expand its fantasy world with NPCs, magic item crafting, and meals; all without breaking character. Also, by the sound of it, the tavern is back. Here’s an excerpt of the release:

“Gen Con Indy 2012 will be our 10th annual True Dungeon™ event, as well as Gen Con’s 45th anniversary, and I am incredibly excited about how our new location will help us celebrate these important milestones,” said Jeff Martin, CEO/Owner of True Adventures, Ltd. “True Dungeon will be an exciting celebration of Gen Con’s 45th anniversary as True Dungeon expands with an immersive story-scape area that players can enjoy before and after each two-hour adventure.”

“It will be possible for a group of gamers to spend an entire day immersed inside True Dungeon. They could arrive in the morning, speak with some NPCs for useful rumors, and then attempt to make magic items, gather information and obtain protective magic with a new event called “Truecraft,” noted Martin.

“After that, they could enjoy one of our famous two-hour adventures, and then they can sit down for a nice lunch.  A little later they could take on the epic challenge of True Grind, and then they can enjoy a round of adult beverages as they boast of their incredible victory.  Next, they could delve into a different two-hour adventure that would bring them back into the story-scape area at dinner time.  A quick meal and more drinks could then be enjoyed – as well as another session of “Truecraft”.  In short, gamers can spend the entire day immersed in True Dungeon’s fantasy setting.” said Martin.  Washroom facilities will be available inside the event space.

Gen Con and True Dungeon Sign Four-Year Contract

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Gen con announced yesterday that they will be signing a four-year contract with True Dungeon Ltd. According to their press release:

After a record-setting show in Indianapolis this August with almost 120,000 turnstile attendance, Gen Con LLC is building huge plans for the next four years of Gen Con along with True Adventures, Ltd. Gen Con Indy 2012 is not only the 45th anniversary of North America’s largest game convention, it will also be the 10th year of True Dungeon. Long-term planning together between the two companies has yielded an unprecedented four-year agreement. True Dungeon is slated to run at Gen Con Indy through 2015! In a strategic move, True Dungeon will, for the first time, be hosted entirely within the Indiana Convention Center, directly in the heart of Gen Con.

TD claims that the move out of the hotel will allow for larger, and “more immersive” sets. Is it August yet”?


2011 True Dungeon Riddle Reveal

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The folks at True Dungeon have released the riddle reveal for both of the adventures they ran at Gen Con this year. The videos talk you through the puzzles and show some of the cool animatronics used in the dungeons. If you’ve never done a True Dungeon adventure you can  get an idea of what goes on. And if you participated in TD this year but your party didn’t finish a puzzle, you can see how they worked.

Here are the links:

Dragon’s Redoubt Video

Lair of the Sea-Lich Video (Both combat version and puzzle version)

Also, if your group was anything like mine you weren’t able to hear the video they showed at the end of the adventure, so here it is:





True Dungeon 2011

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One of the coolest events at Gen Con Indy is True Dungeon, and the TD gang have just released information for this year’s events. TD will offer two new adventures, two new character options (dwarf fighter and elf wizard), and three levels of difficulty (non-lethal, normal, and nightmare). This year’s True Dungeon will be the most amazing yet.

From the TD newsletter:

True Adventures, Ltd. is proud to offer the following two completely new two-hour adventures.

“The Lair of the Sea-Lich” : This completely new underwater adventure takes place after the party has fled the lair of Smoak the newly-created draco-lich. The party must now venture into the underwater lair of the dreaded Sea-Lich who terrorizes the coast with her icy-touch and shape-changing powers. Only inside her watery tomb can the party find the origin of the evil artifact that created Smoak the draco-lich – and perhaps a method to defeat Smoak’s evil for good.

NOTE: Two slightly different versions of this adventure will be offered. One is more puzzle-oriented, while the other is more combat-focused. They count as the same adventure for earning Experience Points (XP).

“Dragon’s Redoubt” : This completely new dragon-hunt adventure takes place at the same time as last year’s battle with Smoak the red dragon. It tells the story of how the party from last year’s True Grind adventure battles their way into Smoak’s lair on their own important mission. First, to locate and open a secret door through which all other parties can flee; and second, to defeat the weakened red dragon.

We also will be offering this one-hour combat hack-fest:

“True Grind: Bloodbeard’s Bounty” : This combat gauntlet tells the story of how the party finds the location of the Lair of the Sea-Lich. Players must set sail for the waters of Brinewater Bay to learn the location of the Lair of the Sea-Lich from the dreaded orc-pirate Bloodbeard. The battle will rage above and below the Bay’s black waters. No XP, Treasure Coins or participation tokens awarded for TG. Nightmare available if whole party agrees. You must arrive 15 minutes early.

Sounds cool, but what is True Dungeon?

If you haven’t already seen the video preview of this year’s adventure, I have provided the link here.

True Dungeon Website

True Dungeon sign up starts on May 1st.

3 Reasons Why Summer Can’t Come Fast Enough!

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The only thing getting me through this Midwestern weather is idea that summer is just around the corner. The three events I can’t wait for are:

1.) Gen Con

Slated for August 4-7, the world’s longest running gaming convention will hold its 42nd con. Early registration for the “best four days in gaming” is open and event registration open on May first. One thing I can say from my past Gen Con experiences is, don’t wait until the day of the con to get your badge or register for events. Popular games and events like True Dungeon sell out almost instantly.

2.) Bristol Renaissance Faire

July 9th – September 5th of this year one of the world’s largest Ren faires will transport people to the year 1574 to spend a day in the court of Queen Elizabeth I. As if great food, music, games, acting, jousting, and drinks weren’t enough, the Bristol Ren faire also has Ren Quest. Ren Quest is an interactive rpg that uses the entire 30-acre village and over a 1,000 inhabitants to create a one of a kind gaming experience. Imagine playing D&D in a renaissance era village with thousands of npcs in full period costumes.

3.) Free RPG Day

June 18th flock to your local game store and get your swag! These are some of the free gaming products being offered this year:

  • Wizards of the Coast- Free 4e adventure
  • White Wolf Publishing- World of Darkness Quickstart
  • Mayfair- Settlers of Catan: Catanimal Variant Rules
  • Q-Workshop- Unique FUDGE Dice

And that is just four of the twenty-one companies sponsoring the event

Find a participating store near you

This will prove to be an amazing summer!