10 Call of Cthulhu Investigation Ideas

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Today we have a guest blogger, George Mueller, who has written ten Call of Cthulhu investigation ideas.

  1. A graduate student writing his thesis on of urban legend in a small New England Town disappears wall doing genealogical research.
  2. A psychiatrist in the local asylum is treating a man accused of killing his wife. He claims she was killed by an invisible monster that is now stalking him. Investigators are called in because the psychiatrist is starting to think he is telling the truth
  3. All the cats in town start disappearing every new moon and are found watching outside a moldering old abandoned house.
  4. Investigators are called in when a biology professor discovers an unearthly fungus near a meteor strike. He starts acting odd and students start disappearing.
  5. You discover an old diary while cleaning out a deceased relative’s house. It seems he may have been a wizard who was researching how to live forever by taking over someone else’s body. You were his only blood relative.
  6. You find out that you have several aunts and uncles that you have never met. They all live together in the Nevada desert and look forward to seeing you.
  7. You inherit a box from a relative. When you open the box, it contains letters in your handwriting that you don’t remember writing.
  8. You inherit a house during renovations you find a strange circle engraves in the floor of the basement in copper. Research shows that the house was used as a headquarters by a cult.
  9. You inherit a house from an elderly relative, later you find out that they had a younger sibling who disappeared when they were young. When you turn on a strange machine in the basement you can hear the sound a of a child’s voice crying for help.
  10. You inherit a house in another state that has a picture from the 17th century in it. The picture is of you.

When not teaching history or spending time with his family, George is the head of a cult devoted to Dagon.

20 Star Wars Mission/Quest Ideas

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Here are 20 Star Wars RPG quest/mission ideas for use with any system.

  1. A Corellian noble pays tramp freighters to travel to Abbaji to purchase firethorn seeds in the Irugian Rain Forest
  2. An escape pod lost on Byss must be recovered, but the area is filled with violent and primitive Abyssins.
  3. A live Abyssin subject must be collected to create a regenerative serum.
  4. The party is sold a faulty acceleration compensator which promptly burns out and leaves them stranded.
  5. A mysterious cloaked figure hires the crew to take him to a Jedi temple ruin on Adega.
  6. An ice mining company in Adriana is hiring convoy guards for their routine runs to Tattooine.
  7. Defel wraiths stow away on a mining ship carrying durasteel from Af’EL.
  8. Someone has reprogrammed agrirobots to spray herbicide on mature plants causing a food shortage.
  9. A Rodian smuggler claims to be in possession of a Bodo Baas holocron and is looking to sell it to a force-sensitive buyer.
  10. Archaeologists from the Obroan Institute are seeking safe passage to the tropical planet of Babali, unknown to the group, the researchers are being followed by relic hunters.
  11. Bacta prices skyrocket as a mysterious crime syndicate corners the market.
  12. The party is hired to capture an imperial freighter carrying a shipment of C4-CZN ion field guns.
  13. Criminals intend to detonate explosives in the center of Carconth, the second largest star in the known universe, to win a supernova watch pool that has been going on for over 600 years.
  14. Something is destroying mining crafts in the ore-rich asteroid belt in the Cardua System.
  15. Zebulon Dak hires the party to investigate paternity claims that could complicate his retirement from the Zebulon Dak Speeder Corporation.
  16. Medical supplies meant for Dakshee has been stolen by pirates.
  17. The party must infiltrate an Imperial research facility to implant a virus into the targeting chip of the newest upgrade to the E-11 blaster.
  18. The party is sent to Echo Base to salvage supplies left behind after the Battle of Hoth.
  19. A shipment of EG-4 power droids have been reprogrammed as assassins by the Empire.
  20. The players are hired to smuggle Chak-root to the Tion Hegemony

RPGenerations: Tabletop Knights

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Today we talk to Andrew Cawood, the head writer at Cawood Publishing and chief architect of the World of Myrr about his latest Kickstarter.

For people who might be unaware of Cawood Publishing, what can you tell them?
We’re a small Indie RPG company based in Vancouver, Canada. As of September 2018, we have over 30 5E products for sale at the DMs Guild and on DriveThruRpg. We are currently working on more adventure modules, handbooks for Game Masters, and the other seven continent settings for the World of Myrr.

How did Cawood Publishing get involved with RPGenerations?
I was talking with Dom about his comic and he asked me if we wanted to publish a collection of his comics.

So what can you tell me about your new Kickstarter?
It’s a softcover book with at least a 100 of Domenico Neziti’s RPG comics. They’re always funny and Dom has great insight into the group dynamics at the table. There are stretch goals to turn the book into a hardcover version and to add more comics.

Where can Domenico’s work be seen?
Facebook & Instagram

Check out RPGenerations and Cawood Publishing.


How to be a Good Kickstarter Backer

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There are hundreds of articles on the web about running a successful Kickstarter campaign, but I think there is another side of crowdfunding that needs to be discussed, how to be a successful backer.

PM vs public comment
A general rule to follow – if your comment or question only applies to you, send it as a private message, as opposed to a public comment.

Kickstarter spies
Every Kickstarter will have these covert agents. They back a project for one dollar so they can read the updates. Do I have to point out that this is a dick move?

You are entitled to your opinion…
But you are not entitled to rude comments, ad hominem attacks, or circular arguments. If you are truly unsatisfied, private message the creator and ask for a refund. Your comments have an impact on a creator’s livelihood.

Check your Spam/Promotion folders
It is 2018 people, we have had SPAM filters for over twenty years. Before you post publicly to say you did not receive your e-mail, check your e-mail’s SPAM folder. This is especially important with Google’s promotion folder.

Share the project
If you believe in a project enough to back it, consider sharing it on your social media platforms. This sort of word of mouth will greatly aid the project and takes very little time.

Stretch goals are nice, but not required
Stretch goals are cool because you get additional content that is sometimes free.  However, the issue with stretch goals is that they can increase the cost of the product and reduce the profit margin.

Look for examples of the creator’s work
Before you invest your money in a Kickstarter, visit their website and get a feel for their style. In the past I’ve had a few backers that were disappointed in the final product, but when I looked at their backer profile it was their first time backing a Kickstarter. Additionally, when I look to see what products of ours, they already own, I found they didn’t own any (even a free product). Don’t be afraid to ask a creator for a sample of their work.

Complete your survey
The creator you’ve chosen to back cannot send you your reward/product if they don’t have your shipping information. Sometimes the survey is hard to find on mobile devices (the survey appears as a yellow band at the top of your screen), so if you can’t find it, try logging in on a computer.

I’ve saved the most import backer tip for last: read the updates and the backer pager before you publicly ask a question. Questions like, “When will I receive X” take your creator away from making the product you ordered and are extremely annoying because every backer level will have an expected delivery date listed. Read the project page (especially the FAQ section) in its entirety and scroll back through the updates to see if your question has already been answered.

Kickstarting a project is exciting and fun, and when backers and creators are both on the same page, the finished project will be even better. Be respectful, and keep in mind that you are one of many backers.

(Are you a creator? Have we missed a tip you’d like included? Comment below!)

[Notice: The author is not affiliated with Kickstarter and his opinions are his own. ]

The Theory: A Twisted Sci-Fi Series

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Today we sit down with the creator/chief mischief-maker at TPub, a British indie comic company. TPub is probably best known for creating Twisted Dark, Twisted Light, Tabatha, Tortured Life, Turncoat, Theatrics, and The World of Chub Chub. They launched in 2012 with a mission to bring more readers to comics.

What can you tell us about TPub?

TPub is my publishing company. Our mission is to get more people reading and creating comics because we love the medium. We also believe it is a great gateway into getting people to read more books.

What is the deal with the Werthers Originals?

ARGH!!!  Werthers!!  OK, so at conventions abroad I normally buy these British sweets called chocolate eclairs at the airport to give people at conventions. However, my team of volunteers find it really funny to hide them on my person. I find them in my pockets and shoes etc. One chap in Canada called Ian was so bad at hiding them (I always caught him), that he started to get the fans to give them to me as I was signing their books. Somehow it morphed from eclairs to Werthers and since then, I swear they have gotten so good at it! I order food in a restaurant and it arrives with a Werthers in it. A 4 year old girl will tap my leg at a con and then as I look down, her smiling face she will produce a pack of Werthers from behind her back. I have even found a bunch in my pyjamas at home! This has become a thing!


You currently have a Kickstarter campaign: The Theory: A Twisted Sci-Fi Series, tell us more about it

I think it’s the best comic I have done so far. It is about an astroarchaeoloigst who is working to save our future and a time traveller who is working to fix our past. If you like Black Mirror or the Twilight Zone, or just stories with twists, I suggest you give it a shot. But I do want to stress it is not an anthology. All the stories do tie together into one big story. (Learn more here)
What exactly is spotted dick? (Follow up query, is it really cooked in a sock?)
If it’s cooked well, it is a delicious dessert. . Like Jam roll-polly or sticky toffee pudding or banoffee, it is a classic pudding, but you don’t see it on the menu all that often.
As for being cooked in a sock – NO! This isn’t the 1800s anymore! We have ‘horseless carriages’ here in the UK too now. (I love how you answered that question by comparing it to three equally arcane-sounding British desserts!)

What is your upcoming convention schedule?

Too many! I love them but my wife is increasingly unhappy with how many weekends I’m away, especially considering we have another child on the way.

Where can people buy your titles?

We always recommend comic shops, then book shops, but if you are struggling to find it then Amazon. But if you want a signed copy by me as a gift, then we sell them direct from our website www.tpubcomics.com 
A big thank you to Neil! Be sure to check out TPub, and visit their Kickstarter before Nov. 24th

Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage Available Now

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The mad mage Halaster Blackcloak is apparently at it again. Man, you think the Lords of Waterdeep would have evicted that guy by now. Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage picks up where Dragon Heist left off and takes characters from 5th to 20th level.

Hundreds of years ago, long before Waterdeep had been built, Halaster Blackcloak carved a vast dungeon beneath Mount Waterdeep and stocked it with all manner of creatures from across the planes. Over time Halaster has gone quite insane and the dungeon he carved, now dubbed Undermountain, is a labyrinthine death trap for those bold enough to venture within. Precious few have returned from Halaster’s home, and frequently they’re not who they were when they started out. One thing is certain however. Wealth unimaginable exists within the halls of Undermountain.

Dungeon of the Mad Mage is available in hardcover for $43.91

Danger the Game

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Danger the Game

I had the pleasure of running into some of the game from Origami Whale Games at FlatCon this year and we had a chance to discuss their latest project, Danger the Game. Here is an interview with OW’s Daniel Kim.

What can you tell us about Danger the Game?

Hopefully quite a bit! Danger the Game is the storytelling party game of bizarre dangers and rescues. I, personally, like to think of it as a preparation kit for the unknown. One doesn’t EXPECT to get hugged by a depressed giant squid but it certainly doesn’t hurt to be ready just in case!


How do you play?
Ah, yes, the rescues. So one of the players, the victim, finds themselves being hugged by a depressed giant squid. The others would use one of the three skills and three tools from their hand to try and come up with a rescue plan. For example, someone could be a professional balloon sculpture artist with a pet rock that knows every trick. Well, being a professional balloon sculpture artist, it’s a simple task to make a giant squid balloon piloted by a versatile pet rock- skilled even in the ways of comfort. OBJECTION! The other rescuers might poke holes in a story or play plot twist cards to mess up the Danger, the Skill or the Tool. The story changes drastically if that Pet Rock suddenly has too many self destruct buttons!
Once each of the rescuers has told their rescue plan the victim chooses a victor for the round by awarding them the Danger card ensuring that we will never forget their heroic exploits.
How many frenemies do you need to play?
You need at least two frenemies unless you also count yourself as a frenemy! Then three, you need three people total to play the game.
How long does a standard game take?
I would say on average 30 min. to 1 hr. Some people are great at quick, daring, expediently told rescues, others can be more long-winded. In consequence, I’ve played some remarkably short games well under the 30 minutes listed on the box but time will really fly sometimes! My recommendation is that if you’re playing with 6 or more people, swap out the victory requirement to only two Dangers instead of the usual three.
How likely am I to get stabbed during a game?
Geez! I didn’t think I would ever need to make this disclaimer but DON’T PLAY WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE LIKELY TO STAB YOU!
Where can we get a copy of Danger the Game?
Right now the best place to find us is smile.amazon.com so that 0.5% of the purchase goes to a charity of your choice (I support “The Jack Vasel Memorial Fund” myself)
Is there anything you’d like to add?
Yeah, there’s a lot I didn’t expect going into this project. I’ve played… a lot of Danger, hundreds of games of Danger and the funny thing is… I still haven’t grown tired of it. I mean, I know I kind of have to say that since I helped make it and all but it’s been an incredible experience sitting down with strangers from all over and hearing new stories every time. I’ve been told that Danger is a great way to get people into role playing and I suppose that a role playing game is what it is. All I can say is that I’ve benefited from the ways people look at these cards and I definitely look at my d20 encounters differently than I used to.
Who would win in a knife fight, Danger the Game or Settlers of Catan?

…it was close.

Learn more at origamiwhalegames.com and pick up a copy today!