Madness at Gardmore Abbey Boxed Set

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Tomorrow Wizards will release Madness at Gardmore Abbey. According to the Wizards website:

This deluxe adventure takes heroes into the ruins of Gardmore Abbey, a monastery that was once the base of a militant order of paladins devoted to Bahamut. According to legend, the paladins brought a dark artifact back from a far crusade and stored it in their abbey for safekeeping, and evil forces gathered to assault the abbey and take it back. What the legends don’t tell is that this artifact was actually the Deck of Many Things, a force of pure Chaos.

This adventure brings characters into the extensive dungeons beneath the ruins—dungeons that are warped and twisted with the raw forces of Chaos surrounding the cards of the deck.

I am glad to see that boxed sets are making a comeback. While I personally prefer 3.5e. I do miss the box sets from second edition. You really felt like you were getting your money’s worth because along with the books, you got poster maps, handouts, code wheels, 3d cardboard terrain, etc.

Another awesome aspect of this adventure is that it comes with a deck of many things. While this artifact has ended or destroyed more campaigns than it’s helped, it is still an icon of D&D.

This boxed set comes with a bunch of cool stuff:

  • Four 32-page books that present the adventure location of Gardmore Abbey, new monsters, enemies and allies, quests, and encounters.
  • Two double-sided battle maps depicting dramatic locations in the adventure.
  • A die-cut card stock sheet of monster tokens.
  • A die-cut card stock sheet of dungeon tiles.
  • A deck of 24 cards — 22 cards presenting the Deck of Many Things plus 2 Treasure Cards.


The adventure begins tomorrow and will retail for 39.99USD

Example of the DoMT artwork:

3 Responses to “Madness at Gardmore Abbey Boxed Set”

  1. the deck of many things is awesome, i mostly bought this adventure for it

  2. yah they are pretty sturdy, they have glossy coating on them.

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