contest is our D&D 5e third-party content website. We offer a number of 5e product meant to aid DM’s in their adventure prep.

A few notable products:

Limitless Encounters vol.2 – 100 encounters in 10 new environments – Even more encounters! Over 20 new monsters, lots of new traps, skill challenges, and roleplay. Pre-rolled treasure to reduce DM prep time, and 300 Further Adventureā„¢ hooks

Limitless Monsters – Over 100 creatures for your campaign – Lore, Harvest Mechanics, Tactics, Treasure and 300 Further Adventure hooks to expand your campaign world.

No Assembly Required – Ten detailed 5E monsters with developer notes, backgrounds, and stat blocks created by the Id DM. – Contains one new spell and two new magic items. The entire purchase price of this product will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.


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