20 Star Wars Mission Ideas


Here are 20 Star Wars RPG quest/mission ideas for use with any system.

  1. A Corellian noble pays tramp freighters to travel to Abbaji to purchase firethorn seeds in the Irugian Rain Forest
  2. An escape pod lost on Byss must be recovered, but the area is filled with violent and primitive Abyssins.
  3. A live Abyssin subject must be collected to create a regenerative serum.
  4. The party is sold a faulty acceleration compensator which promptly burns out and leaves them stranded.
  5. A mysterious cloaked figure hires the crew to take him to a Jedi temple ruin on Adega.
  6. An ice mining company in Adriana is hiring convoy guards for their routine runs to Tattooine.
  7. Defel wraiths stow away on a mining ship carrying durasteel from Af’EL.
  8. Someone has reprogrammed agrirobots to spray herbicide on mature plants causing a food shortage.
  9. A Rodian smuggler claims to be in possession of a Bodo Baas holocron and is looking to sell it to a force-sensitive buyer.
  10. Archaeologists from the Obroan Institute are seeking safe passage to the tropical planet of Babali, unknown to the group, the researchers are being followed by relic hunters.
  11. Bacta prices skyrocket as a mysterious crime syndicate corners the market.
  12. The party is hired to capture an imperial freighter carrying a shipment of C4-CZN ion field guns.
  13. Criminals intend to detonate explosives in the center of Carconth, the second largest star in the known universe, to win a supernova watch pool that has been going on for over 600 years.
  14. Something is destroying mining crafts in the ore-rich asteroid belt in the Cardua System.
  15. Zebulon Dak hires the party to investigate paternity claims that could complicate his retirement from the Zebulon Dak Speeder Corporation.
  16. Medical supplies meant for Dakshee has been stolen by pirates.
  17. The party must infiltrate an Imperial research facility to implant a virus into the targeting chip of the newest upgrade to the E-11 blaster.
  18. The party is sent to Echo Base to salvage supplies left behind after the Battle of Hoth.
  19. A shipment of EG-4 power droids have been reprogrammed as assassins by the Empire.
  20. The players are hired to smuggle Chak-root to the Tion Hegemony

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  1. Hey, nice list.
    I made a random job generator here:

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