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True Dungeon 2012 Review

Posted in Gen Con 2012, True Dungeon 2012 with tags , on August 23, 2012 by boccobsblog

It has been a week since my True Dungeon adventure and I’ve had time to think it over and here are my thoughts (in no real order):

  • A ten player party is too big. Each room descends into chaos very quickly. The DMs seem to have no order, and spell casters are quickly forgotten.
  • The trap damage is too high. Our group had taken over 25 points by the time we reached the dragon.
  • The cave village was very cool, as was the new Truecraft option.
  • The dragon looked awesome as did the ghost and the elemental.
  • I was glad that the bar was back. It was nice to have a drink while we waited for the event to start.

This may be the last year I do TD. After paying 40 dollars I expect more than being quickly shuffled from room to room by volunteers too frazzled by long hours to enjoy the game.