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True Dungeon 2012 Review

Posted in Gen Con 2012, True Dungeon 2012 with tags , on August 23, 2012 by boccobsblog

It has been a week since my True Dungeon adventure and I’ve had time to think it over and here are my thoughts (in no real order):

  • A ten player party is too big. Each room descends into chaos very quickly. The DMs seem to have no order, and spell casters are quickly forgotten.
  • The trap damage is too high. Our group had taken over 25 points by the time we reached the dragon.
  • The cave village was very cool, as was the new Truecraft option.
  • The dragon looked awesome as did the ghost and the elemental.
  • I was glad that the bar was back. It was nice to have a drink while we waited for the event to start.

This may be the last year I do TD. After paying 40 dollars I expect more than being quickly shuffled from room to room by volunteers too frazzled by long hours to enjoy the game.

Gen Con 2012 Starts Today !

Posted in Gen Con 2012 with tags , , , , , , on August 16, 2012 by boccobsblog

Gen Con 2012 starts today! Here are a few things you should be sure to check out:

T-Shirt Bordello

These guys make some of the best T-Shirts out there. They are high qualty and hilarious.

Booth # 1357

When Zombies Attack

This fast-paced, zombie-themed game from Attack Dice is easy to learn and very fun. It is available at the T-Shirt Bordello booth.

Booth # 1357

Wizard’s of the Coast

This year’s theme is the Underdark, various spots around the con will be converted into spot from a drow city. It should be cool. Also, they are giving out drow-themed dice.

Booth # 1401

True Dungeon

This year’s TD will be the best ever. It is more immersive, will have NPC’s, there will be magic item creation station, and best of all, the tavern is back.

Twilight Creations

The guys from Midnight Syndicate make the best gaming music out there, hands down. They will be in attendance promoting their new album, Carnival Arcane. The Syndicate created the only offical D&D soundtrack (not the movie, the actual game).

Booth # 1319

Fantasy Flight Games

I cannot wait to demo their new X-Wing miniature game (see our article for more info). They have more amazing games than I have room to list on this blog, check them out!

Booth #813, 919, 911, 919, 1107, 1113, 1119

There are so many more highlights, I can’t possibly list them all. Gen Con 2012 will be awesome! I hope to see you there.