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Jeff Easley at the Bristol Renaissance Faire

Posted in Dungeons and Dragons, Gaming News with tags , , , on July 31, 2011 by boccobsblog

photo by Paul P.

The highlight of this year’s Bristol Ren Faire (aside from my yearly tradition of getting shitty on mead and puking a turkey leg into the cleavage of a 300-pound woman dressed like a fairy), was seeing Jeff Easley.  If you are unfamiliar with Mr. Easley’s work- he did the art for much of second edition D&D (the DMG and the PHB for example). The cover art he did for the D&D basic set (the Troy Denning Black Box) remains, to this day, my favorite D&D image (and the reason I joined the hobby).

In my mind, there is no greater fantasy artist than Mr. Easley.

If you get a chance, visit his booth at the faire or visit his website.

Images from Jeff Easley’s official site.