Jeff Easley at the Bristol Renaissance Faire

photo by Paul P.

The highlight of this year’s Bristol Ren Faire (aside from my yearly tradition of getting shitty on mead and puking a turkey leg into the cleavage of a 300-pound woman dressed like a fairy), was seeing Jeff Easley.  If you are unfamiliar with Mr. Easley’s work- he did the art for much of second edition D&D (the DMG and the PHB for example). The cover art he did for the D&D basic set (the Troy Denning Black Box) remains, to this day, my favorite D&D image (and the reason I joined the hobby).

In my mind, there is no greater fantasy artist than Mr. Easley.

If you get a chance, visit his booth at the faire or visit his website.

Images from Jeff Easley’s official site.

4 Responses to “Jeff Easley at the Bristol Renaissance Faire”

  1. So getting drunk and puking into cleavage is a yearly ritual for you. I need to party with you my friend!

    My favorite has always been Elmore. I got to meet and speak with him back when Origins was run by WotC. One of the best things about Cons and events like the Faire are getting to meet idols.

    • 1.) getting drunk at the faire is a yearly tradition, doing those thing elsewhere can happen much more frequently (K-Mart parking lots, baby showers, that taco cart on 103rd st. etc). And you are welcome to join.

      2.) Agree, Elmore is also amazing. Maybe he’ll come to the BRF as a visiting artist like Easley did.

  2. ah yes, the 2nd edition black box art. That brings back a few memories. Also one of my favorites.

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