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Review: Return of Wolverine #2

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I haven’t followed a comic series for quite some time, so when I heard Wolvie was back I went to my local comic shop and picked up #1 on release day. Issue #1 was a slightly open with little plot (read my full review here), but I decided I’d give it a few issues. Now issue #2 has been released and it is sadly, a disappointment. The is very little plot to analyze: Wolvie and the Lunch Lady take a boat ride in pursuit of LL’s son. There is a brief fight with Omega Red (maybe a clone?) and Daken(?). Though both get beaten quickly and easily leading the reader to assume they weren’t real. Let’s hope #3 is better.

Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Declan Shalvey
Color Artist: Laura Martin
Letter: Joe Sabino


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