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Underworld: Awakening, Film Review

Posted in Movie Review with tags , on January 25, 2012 by boccobsblog

The first Underworld movie was amazing, so much so that it spawned three sequels. And while UW2 and 3 did little to live up to the original, the fourth installment hopes to revive the franchise with the return of Kate Beckinsale in her role as Selene.  The following review has some spoilers, so be warned.

The Good

Kate Beckinsale looks great

The sets keep the same dark feel as the original

The film is (for the most part) well-acted

The Bad

The film seems very rushed. And coming in at onlt an hour and twenty-eight minutes it seems incomplete

I’m tired of 3d. I don’t see what it added. At 13 bucks a ticket I left feeling robbed

The film fails to bring anything new to the table

Scott Speedman is not in the film(except in flashback from the first film), but Michael Corvin appears several times and the body double looked nothing like Speedman and leaves you wishing that they just left the character out rather than insult your intelligence with a poor stand in

Handguns with 15 round clips still fire 78 bullets before needing to be reloaded (nothing new there, but it still irks me)

The Ugly

The new hybrid looks like Samara from The Ring, and does nothing in the film, save to look stupid and hang on people’s back.

The movie goes too far and abandons any physics what so ever. OK, I know, genre fiction tests, blurs, and often ignores the laws of physics, but UW4 goes to a level of absurdity that forces the viewer to suspend disbelief to such a level that it infringes on enjoyment.  My biggest complaint is the character Quint (played by Kris Holden Ried), he is a werewolf that has been injected with a serum that makes him regenerate instantly and increases his muscle mass. Fine, nbd, but the 150 pound Quint become literally the size of an elephant when in lycan form. How in the hell does a 150-pound man become a 1,000 pound lycan? Where does the extra mass come from? He shifts back and forth, back and forth, 150lbs – 1,000 lbs  Give me a break. A 150 pound man should be a 150 pound lycan.

Hollywood needs to stop trying to create bigger explosions every movie and try to write detailed stories and memorable characters.

Overall Underworld: Awakening is a complete train wreck and should be avoided (or at most, rented)