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HeroQuest is Back! (well, soon…)

Posted in board game with tags , , , on September 20, 2021 by boccobsblog
HeroQuest Reprint Expected Release Date November 2021

HeroQuest Reprint

HeroQuest was designed for Milton Bradley, in conjunction with Games Workshop, by Steven Baker. Baker also created Hero Scape (2004), Battle Masters (1992), and Axis and Allies: Pacific (2001), among many others. HeroQuest was released in 1989 and remained in production until 1997. HQ is now under the control of Avalon Hill, a division of Hasbro, who crowfunded a HeroQuest reprint in September of 2020. The campaign raised $3,722,649 of its $1,000,000 goal.


The furniture has been upgraded. The doors, chests, tables, etc., are now plastic instead of cardboard.

Recycling or Laziness?

The main quest book and the two expansions are word for word recreations of the originals

New Heroes

4 New Heroes Added to the HeroQuest Reprint

The four base characters (barbarian, elf, dwarf, wizard) are the same as the original, with the addition of four female models. Backers who opted for the upgraded, mythic tier, will get three new characters: the warlock (designed by Shauna Nakasone), druid (Nikki Dawes), and a bard (no designer noted).


Most of the HeroQuest monsters will remain the same. The Chaos Warrior and Chaos Sorcerer have been renamed Dread Warrior and Sorcerer respectively. The most significant change is that the Firmir, a weird cycloptic creature with a mace-like tail, has been replaced by an anthropomorphic fish called an abomination.

New Hero Quest FAQ

The following was taken from the HeroQuest reprint crowdfunding project on HasLab in September 2020:

What’s in the box?

You can expect updated versions of Miniatures, Tiles/Markers, Character Cards, Combat Dice, Movement Dice, Gameboard, Character Sheets, Quest Books, Rules of Play, Sorcerer Screen, Turn Cards, and Game Cards.

What version of the rules are you using?

We have an updated (U.S. version) rule book. You can expect that there will be only minor changes to this resource. New rules will be added to the heroes in our Mythic Tier unlocks.

Are the quest books the same?

We have updated (U.S. version) quest books. You can expect that there will be only minor changes to this resource. New quest books could be added to our Mythic Tier unlocks if we meet those funding goals.

What is the estimated ship date?

If the campaign is successfully backed, we currently estimate shipments of HeroQuest to begin in Fall 2021.

What size are the figures/game pieces included?

Mini figures are planned to be 28mm scale but their actual height will vary by character size.

Will all the models be grey?

Based on community feedback, we have decided to differentiate model colors.

The Hero Quest reboot is scheduled to ship to backers “this fall”. No word when HQ will hit the stores. As of 9/10/21 there is no Amazon listing. Once my mythic tier set arrives, I’ll post a review!