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Dungeon Master’s Keep by Gale Force Nine

Posted in D&D 3.5e DM Content, D&D 4e Content, Product Review with tags , , on April 11, 2011 by boccobsblog

pic via Gale Force Nine website

Known for creating great gaming products and incredible terrain, Gale Force Nine has invented the ultimate DM screen which can be pre-ordered from their website for 150.00 USD (which includes shipping). Here’s what the guys at GF9 have to say about their product:

Dungeon Master’s Keep is cast from durable resin and comes pre-painted and ready to use right out of the box. The gatehouse is secured by two stout doors with pair familiar-looking door knockers, and above the doorway hangs the D&D 4th Edition Dragon Logo. Behind the screen are shelves to store miniatures, game cards and other record keeping notes. Two handy trays are built into the walls to hold your GF9 Dungeon Master’s Tokens. The towers of the gatehouse also serve as dice towers, with one tower facing out to your players and one securely behind the screen for private rolls.

While a little on the pricer side, this screen will look amazing on any game table.

pic via GF9’s website