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A Spoiler-Free Review of Bandersnatch

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Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

  • Initial release: December 28, 2018
  • Director: David Slade (30 Days of Night)
  • Screenplay: Charlie Brooker (Black Mirror)
  • Music composed by: Brian Reitzell
  • Production company: Netflix
  • Producer: Russell McLean
From Netflix:
In 1984, a young programmer begins to question reality as he adapts a dark fantasy novel into a video game. A mind-bending tale with multiple endings.

Bandersnatch follows Stefan Butler who is played by Fionn Whitehead (I Google it, this is not a type of zip that plagues high elf adolescents) as he attempts to create an interactive video game called Bandersnatch (a fictional character/creature created by Lewis Carroll). Here is our review of Netflix’s first adult interactive movie:

The Good
  • Great soundtrack (which you can partially control)
  • Dozens of Black Mirror Easter eggs
  • Fionn White makes a creepy programmer with a dark past
  • Will Poulter plays a acidmancer with a sweet Billy Idol hairdo
The Badass
  • New and novel interactive TV experience
  • 5 “main” endings, but as many as 12 possible endings
  • Readers of Choose Your Own Adventure books will feel a great sense of nostalgia
  • Bandersnatch keeps the dark/gritty feel that makes Black Mirror so good
  • The Tuckersoft Games website gimmick
The Ugly
  • The restarts get a bit tiring, like watching Run Lolo Run
  • The show is a bit limited (but as the first of its kind that is to be expected)
  • It relies a bit too much on being meta (the viewer controlling the action) over strong storytelling

Netflix Sued

Chooseco, the current owner of the popular Choose Your Own Adventure titles from the 80s and 90s, filed a 25 million dollar lawsuit against Netflix claiming copyright infringement.

“We have received an unprecedented amount of outreach from people who believed we were associated with the creation of this film, including parents who were concerned that we had aligned the CYOA brand they knew and loved with content that surprised and offended them,” Shannon Gilligan, co-founder and publisher of Chooseco, said in a statement. (NBC)

Hopefully Netflix will continue producing interactive titles. Leading up to Bandersnatch, Netflix created an interactive Puss in Boots shows as well as a Minecraft cartoon.


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