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That’s What I Want

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The stage was set up to resemble a bank. The back of the stage looked like an open vault with loads of paper money and gold bars inside. The host, a used car salesman lookalike, cheap suit, slick black hair, came walking out from the vault over to a contestant, a wide-eyed, eager typical middle-class American guy, standing at a miniature version of a teller’s counter. The host in his best radio announcer voice said, “Welcome back to That’s What I Want, the game show where we find out what’s more important, money or anything else. Now, Kevin, the last round you won five thousand dollars playing Money Matters, and rather than donate those winnings to childhood cancer research, you decided to gamble it all and spin the prize wheel, which landed on Dollars behind Doors. That brings us to our final round. Kevin, are you ready to play Dollars behind Doors?”

“I sure am, Chuck,” the contestant said, grinning from ear to ear.

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The Latest

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Wander & Wonder

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Boral Chernon, swineherd of the seventh plain of Arengoth, walked into the Waning Moon Tavern, tired from a long day. He sat at the bar, ordered a stout ale, and had hoped to to enjoy his drink in peace and quiet.

Not long after the bar keep had sat the amber liguid in front of him, though, Frunek Gerswogon took the seat next to him. Big, burly, smelly, and loud mouthed; Frunek wasn’t exactly an ideal companion.

“Good day, Boral,” Frunek said.

“Good day,” Boral replied, hoping simple greetings were all the blacksmith had in store.

“So, have you heard the latest,” Frunek asked. Boral felt his yearnings for a simple, solitary draught evaporate.

Boral took a long drink of his ale before he said, “No, what’s that, then.”

“Our Duke has become a Lich they tell me,” Frunek said with emphasis.




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