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Boccob on Twitter

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Boccob is now on Twitter. That’s right, the god of magic has asked me to tell you that you can now follow him on Twitter. While he did not say so in words, Boccob hinted that if you didn’t follow him, he would gate in a Balor to your Fourth of July picnic and order the demon to devour your granny.


Week one Kudos and a game poll

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Boccob is more than pleased with the site traffic we received in the first week. He was so satisfied that he actually slapped me on the back and told me that I was, “less useless than normal”. That is quite the compliment, usually he ends staff meetings by hurling maximized meteor swarms at me while he screams that I’m not half the man Gary Coleman was. Thank you for your support.

In an attempt to continue Boccob’s good mood, I would like to poll the B3 readers so that we can tailor the blog to your preferences.

That said, on which game systems would you like to see content?


Greetings from Boccob!

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I have wanted to sit down and write a blog for some time now, but my duties as the supreme deity of magic were not especially conducive to such frivolities. Recent changes in the cosmological plan, namely Ioun being chosen as the goddess of magic, have freed me up a bit. (For those of you a bit tardy to the party: I was the chief god of magic in the Greyhawk game setting from 1983 until 2008. I was asked to retire prior to the release of 4th edition. You would think with limitless access to every divination spell, and an intelligence score over 50, that I would have seen that coming.)

Though I do miss my old job, retirement suits me. I have plenty of time to practice the arts, take long walks (though I do tire of people on the streets confusing me with Elminster and asking me for my autograph), and this Wednesday I am going to try something called Zumba, it should be interesting.

Boccob’s Blessed Blog is dedicated to all things related to gaming and gamer culture. While this site will emphasize Dungeons & Dragons (especially 3.5e), gamers of all systems will find useful, and sometimes entertaining information. There will be content for World of Darkness, Star Wars, GURPS, Shadowrun, Pathfinder, and Savage Worlds, just to name a few. For the most part, I will leave the articles and daily maintenance of the blog to my minions, but I will drop in from time to time.

Therefore, I hope you will subscribe, and if you like what you see, tell a friend.

– Boccob