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The Army of the Goblin Queen

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The following is an NPC villain that you can use in your D&D 3.5 game (or Pathfinder with minimal changes). The Goblin Queen is a suitable reoccurring enemy for a party of four adventurers level 7-9 (She is CR 10).


Many years ago a wizard named Grinlov summoned a powerful succubus and bent the demon to his will. For many years Grinlov used the demon to slay his rivals and steal their secrets but as he neared the end of his life he attempted to become a lich and died in the process.

After Grinlov’s death his captive, Uthara, was able to escape his tower as the spells and wards that kept her imprisoned began to break down.

Uthara is unlike most succubae, rather than play the part of the spy; she is a hardened warrior having fought countless battles in the eternal bloodwar. Uthara revels in combat, teleporting into and out of the thickest parts of an encounter. Covered in the blood and gore of her enemies she has single-handedly swayed the tide of battle.

In the years since she escaped Grinlov’s tower, Uthara searched the countryside for victims worthy of her wrath and stumbled upon a tribe of goblins. She teleported into the center of the tribe as they ate their evening meal, and before the goblins realized what was happening, the succubus beheaded the goblin chief. Seeing their mightiest warrior slay in an instant, they tribe threw themselves on the knees and began to worship Uthara as their goddess and queen.

The groveling and worship of the goblins pleased the succubus and she returned their servitude with strong leadership. She began to train the goblin warriors in the arts of combat. Through the use of her polymorph ability, Uthara began to breed with the strongest female goblins in the tribe creating an army of fiendish goblins.

Soon Uthara’s tribe was ready to be tested in combat. The Goblin Queen led her forces against another goblin tribe that laired nearby; the result was a complete slaughter. Any goblin tribe that did not fall to their knees and swear fealty to the Goblin Queen was destroyed.  Uthara’s tribe grew in power and number until all other goblinoids in the area either served the Goblin Queen or lay rotting on the battlefield.

Now the Goblin Queen has set her sights on the human lands to the south…

Possible hooks:

  • The players find Grinlov’s tower and among the ruins find a journal that details his servant, a powerful succubus warrior.
  • A mass exodus of goblinoid tribes have been raiding nearby villages as they are driven out of the north by a ruthless tribe of goblins led by a powerful goddess.
  • A sage hires the PC’s to investigate rumors of a new breed of horned goblins spotted in the forest to the north.
  • Bloodied and battered survivors stumble into town screaming about a goblin invasion led by a beautiful and terrible woman with bat wings.
  • The mayor of a besieged town sends word to the PC’s begging them to assassinate the leader of the occupying goblin army surrounding his town in order to swing the tide of the battle.

Fighting the Goblin Queen

After fighting their way through hoards of goblin warriors, fiendish goblins and the half-demon goblin “princes”, the PC’s will confront Uthara. The Goblin Queen is a formidable opponent. With her DR, SR, and high AC, Uthara is a cocky combatant and fights without fear; this is not to say she fights without strategy. She will make liberal use of her Charm Monster ability on the most weak-minded members of the party (usually those in armor). Once she has charmed the melee combatants she will use her teleport ability to enter a square adjacent to a spell-caster and then grapple them and employ her energy drain.

The Goblin Queen is a highly mobile foe and should be role-played as such. Make use of her ability to fly and teleport. She is able to maneuver out of flanking with ease and should always have the advantage on the battle mat.

Uthara’s one drawback is that she doesn’t deal a lot of damage so make full use of her power attack feat. Also, if you want to up her damage positional, lose the shield and longsword and give her a two-handed sword.

While Uthara fights with wild abandon, she will not fight to the death and her teleportation, and ethereal jaunt powers should allow her to escape from most instances. The Goblin Queen will bide her time and pick the most inopportune moment to enact revenge on the PC’s.

Uthara’s full stats: Goblin Queen PDF