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This non-combat encounter can be placed along any road in your game world. It is suitable for a party of 1st to 7th level, though lower-level characters will receive the biggest boon. Also, if placed shortly after a combat encounter the players will benefit from the possible healing.

Background (for the DM)

Several years ago (since the first dirt paths were trod by humanoids) a small stone shrine appeared next to the road. No one is certain who carved it or created the stone though several wandering clerics have spent time next to it offering aid to weary travelers. The stone is imbued with powerful magic and will gift the PC’s with a blessing if they leave a donation, or will bestow a powerful curse on them if they dare to rob the shrine of any of its treasure.

Description (read aloud to players)

A foot or two from the road sits a large gray stone worn and weathered. The stone is roughly five feet tall, seven feet in diameter. The stone is covered in dozens of messages left by other travelers written in white chalk or black charcoal. A rough shelf has been cut out of the center of the stone (about three feet from the ground) that is three feet deep. The stone alcove is covered in numerous piles of small treasure left like offerings on an altar. Coins, gems, flowers, and incense litter the small stone shelf. Among the treasure sits a small brass bowl filled with pieces of white chalk and black charcoal.

A DC 10 Search check reveals that there is 568 gold pieces in assorted coins and gems.

A DC 10 Knowledge Religion check reveals this to be a roadside shrine to a nature or travel god (or any deity fitting for your setting).

A DC 15 Knowledge Religion check reveals that this shrine is imbued with divine energy and has several spells keyed to it. (It is impossible to determine the exact spells stored in the altar)

Beneficial Effects

Should a PC place an offering on the altar they will receive a blessing whose strength will be determined by the market value of the offering.

1 copper – 10 gold

Roll d6 (assume a level caster of 1)

  1. Cure Minor Wounds (ignore if PC is uninjured)
  2. Guidance
  3. Light (ignore if PC has lit source of light
  4. Resistance
  5. Guidance
  6. Guidance

11 – 25 gold

Roll d8 (Assume a caster level of 1)

  1. Bless
  2. Cure Light Wounds (9hp, reroll if PC is uninjured)
  3. Divine Favor
  4. Magic Stone (3 appear)
  5. Magic Weapon (reroll if PC has a magic weapon)
  6. Protection from Evil
  7. Sanctuary
  8. Shield of Faith

25 – 50 gold

Roll d8 (Assume a caster level of 3)

  1. Aid
  2. Aid
  3. Align Weapon
  4. Bear’s Endurance
  5. Bull’s Strength
  6. Cure Moderate Wounds (19hp, reroll if PC is uninjured)
  7. Delay Poison (reroll if PC is not poisoned)
  8. Eagle’s Splendor
  9. Owl’s Wisdom
  10. Lesser Restoration (ignore if PC has not sustained ability damage)

51- 100 gold

Roll d8 (assume a caster level of 5)

  1. Create Food and Water
  2. Cure Serious Wounds (ignore if PC is uninjured)
  3. Magic Circle Against Evil
  4. Magic Vestments
  5. Prayer
  6. Remove Blindness/Deafness (ignore if PC is not afflicted)
  7. Remove Curse (reroll if PC is not cursed)
  8. Remove Disease (reroll if PC is not Diseased)

Detrimental Effects

If a player should choose to steal from the shrine, roll on the table below. A kind DM may wish to add a warning, perhaps a DC 10 Spot or Search check reveals a skeleton laying in the tall grass near the shrine gripping a small gemstone in its hand. Summoned creatures attack the thief and fight until death.

Roll a d12 (Assume a caster level of 7.)

  1. Bane
  2. Inflict Light Wounds
  3. Doom
  4. Inflict Moderate Wounds
  5. Summon Monster II
  6. Bestow Curse
  7. Blindness
  8. Contagion
  9. Inflict Serious Wounds
  10. Summon Monster III
  11. Poison
  12. Summon Monster IV

Shrine PDF