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Gary Con IV

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March 22-25, 2012

Unfamiliar with Gary Con? Well according to their website:

What is Gary Con?
Gary Con is an annual gaming convention held in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. But Gary Con is more than just a convention. It is intended to be a living memorial to E. Gary Gygax, the father of role-playing games. It is a time for family, friends, and anyone whose life was changed as a result of the work of Gary Gygax to gather, remember, and toss a few dice around. Gary Con is also actively working with non-profit groups to raise money to build a monument in Lake Geneva celebrating the life and accomplishments of Gary Gygax.

If you enjoy the old school games (D&D 1ed, Star Frontiers, Paranoia, and Chainmail) then Gary Con is for you. That isn’t to say that new games aren’t played at the con, but there is an effort made to retain an old-school feeling.

Check out their website and show Gary some love.