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10 Call of Cthulhu Investigation Ideas

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Today we have a guest blogger, George Mueller, who has written ten Call of Cthulhu investigation ideas.

  1. A graduate student writing his thesis on of urban legend in a small New England Town disappears wall doing genealogical research.
  2. A psychiatrist in the local asylum is treating a man accused of killing his wife. He claims she was killed by an invisible monster that is now stalking him. Investigators are called in because the psychiatrist is starting to think he is telling the truth
  3. All the cats in town start disappearing every new moon and are found watching outside a moldering old abandoned house.
  4. Investigators are called in when a biology professor discovers an unearthly fungus near a meteor strike. He starts acting odd and students start disappearing.
  5. You discover an old diary while cleaning out a deceased relative’s house. It seems he may have been a wizard who was researching how to live forever by taking over someone else’s body. You were his only blood relative.
  6. You find out that you have several aunts and uncles that you have never met. They all live together in the Nevada desert and look forward to seeing you.
  7. You inherit a box from a relative. When you open the box, it contains letters in your handwriting that you don’t remember writing.
  8. You inherit a house during renovations you find a strange circle engraves in the floor of the basement in copper. Research shows that the house was used as a headquarters by a cult.
  9. You inherit a house from an elderly relative, later you find out that they had a younger sibling who disappeared when they were young. When you turn on a strange machine in the basement you can hear the sound a of a child’s voice crying for help.
  10. You inherit a house in another state that has a picture from the 17th century in it. The picture is of you.

When not teaching history or spending time with his family, George is the head of a cult devoted to Dagon.