B3 Turns 8! (Plus Firefly Returns!!!)


Well we’ve managed to last 8 years. My parole officer said it would never happen, but this sweetass Yoda cake I stole off the interwebs paints a different story. If something interesting happens, we’ll be here to tell you about it. Like a Firefly reboot (that should get us some SEO traffic) or D&D 6th Edition (We shouldn’t joke).

In the meantime, check out our D&D Quest Ideas, or visit Limitless Adventures for some affordable 5e Quests.

3 Responses to “B3 Turns 8! (Plus Firefly Returns!!!)”

  1. Congratulations on 8 years!! Firefly does need to return. I loved that show.

  2. By the way, I love that Yoda cake. It is an awesome cake.

  3. Happy 8 years, stay legendary!

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