image from Powerzgame.com

PowerZ is a superhero-themed game that is played using rock-paper-scissors in place of dice. The game is touted as being a “Mobile Action Game”. What the heck is that? Well, I’ll let the guys from PowerZ explain:

MAGs are a brand new way of gaming. This is true gaming on the go – gaming whenever and wherever you are. I wanted to move gaming away from kitchen table tops and secluded computer nooks and bring it out to wherever people congregate live and play. Places like school halls, office lounges, game and comic shops… Gaming should really be about connecting with other people. […]

Desktop computers, books, boards, dice and other components just don’t translate well into mobile gaming. Everything you need to play a game should fit into your shirt pocket, wear on your body, or carry with you on that indispensable tool of modern day living – the mobile phone.

A neat feature about Powerz is that the powers are on stickers and you mix and match them to make your unique character and create your character sheet by placing the stickers on a card or basically anything to make your character record sheet. The Powerz website also has a database where players can upload their character for later use.

The artwork and presentation on this game is what caught my eye. Also, everything you and a friend need to play comes in one pack. It is a pretty sweet game, check it out. Powerzgame.com

Powerz rules can be found here in pdf form

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