The World’s Greatest Screen By Hammerdog Games

image from Hammerdog site

Sometimes it is the simplest ideas that make the best products. At this year’s Gen Con I saw a gamemaster screen that can be used for any game. The screens are blank and the GM slides in sheets of paper that has all the pertinent information for their game. This allows the screen (which is made of heavy-duty materials and will last a lifetime) to be used for any game system. If you’re running a D&D campaign, then switch to Star Wars, you simply switch out the sheets. TWGS is truly reusable.

The folks at Hammerdog games (the makers of TWGS) also offer a range of down-loadable inserts that you can get for free on their website.The screen would work well with our Quick Treasure Chart, and our Quick Name Chart.

Check out their site and see for yourself. While you’re there look at Chaos Chess (a four-player version), and Imajewels (glass bead gaming tokens).

Hammerdog is a great indie company and worth a look.

3 Responses to “The World’s Greatest Screen By Hammerdog Games”

  1. I bought the portrait-oriented one a few years ago and love it. There are also landscape-oriented ones (ultimately wider and shorter, which works well for some things; I have this one) and even some mini (4″x6″, I think?; I don’t have any but I’m considering it).

    Great stuff.

  2. […] DM screens are sometimes a hot button issue. DMs either love them or hate. A lot of players complain that DMs are cheating behind their screens. I personally use a screen to hide minis and terrain pieces. I still make my rolls on the table in front of my players. One issue I do have with using a DM’s screen is that I can’t see the whole table/battle mat. That issue was resolved when I found the  The World’s Greatest Screen at Gen Con a few years back (you can find the original article here). […]

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