D&D on Facebook: Heroes of Neverwinter

from their Facebook page

Since D&D Tiny Adventures went belly up there hasn’t been a true D&D game on Facebook. Well that is about to change. Atari, the makers of Daggerdale, are currently working on a D&D game for Facebook set in Neverwinter. The game will use 4e mechanics and be turned-based.

According to a review at Joystiq.com the game, “closely resembles Wizard’s already-super-popular franchise” (McElroy).

No release date has been given.

For more information check out Joystiq’s full review

Screen shots from Joystiq.com :


2 Responses to “D&D on Facebook: Heroes of Neverwinter”

  1. Tyone Belsuvius Barnwell Says:

    That actually seems pretty cool. I’ll give that a try for sure. Any idea what classes/races are available?

    • yes, “Players start out by creating a hero of their own design, blending one of four races (Dragonborn, Human, Eladrin and Halfling) with one of four classes (Rogue, Fighter, Cleric and Wizard)”

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