Gamers for Humanity Needs Your Old Games!

At last year’s Gen Con I had the pleasure of talking with volunteers from Gamers for Humanity. GfH is a non-profit that works alongside Habitat for Humanity to build affordable housing for people in need. According to their website:

Gamers For Humanity works to achieve the goals above in a variety of ways, primarily by offering our assistance and effort to other established and respected charities, the benefit of many of which is immediately evident:

  • working with The Phoenix of New OrleansHabitat For Humanity, and similar organizations to provide affordable and safe housing to people in need.
  • collecting games, toys, and books for children and adults who cannot afford them or have not had the opportunity to play.
  • collecting food, toiletries, and household items for donation to food banks or families in need.

So what can we do to help them out? GfH are collecting new and used games which they provide, free of cost, to the families that can’t afford them. I know we all have a stock pile of old games that we no longer play. If you do, send them to GfH and put them to good use. They also accept cash donations on the website.

This is a worthwhile organization, please check out their website.

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