Monte Cook’s Dungeon a Day

New 3.5e / Pathfinder Game Content

Whenever a new edition of a game system comes out you will have some holdouts that refuse to move on (myself being one of them). Perhaps they like the rules for the previous edition, maybe they’ve just invested too much time and money, or maybe they are just nostalgic. Whatever the reasons for not moving on, these players soon find themselves without new content which can be a serious bummer.

Well for those of you that still play 3.5e there are still options available to you. One such option is This site is written by gaming legend, Monte Cook. Cook was instrumental in the creation of third edition and co-authored the player’s handbook (among other titles).

As the name implies, Dungeon a Day adds new content daily to include new monsters, spells, items, feats, artifacts, etc. The site also offers quests, player handouts, and maps penned by Ed Bourelle.

It should be noted that Dungeon a Day comes complete with a Pathfinder version as well. And even if you’ve left d20, 4e DMs as well as GM’s of any fantasy system will find useful ideas and maps on the site.

The site does require a subscription, but the rates are very reasonable given the amount of content you get. ($9 for a month, $24 for four months, or 81 for an entire year) If you consider what you spend on game books and quests, it is not a bad deal.

Check it out.

Dungeon a Day Website

Example Map

Dungeon Excerpt

UPDATE: It would seem that this website no longer exists.

5 Responses to “Monte Cook’s Dungeon a Day”

  1. James Blanchard Says:

    Very nice! There is also a lot of free content for those who are less-than-dedicated, like myself. (I’m lazy. Sue me. [Please don’t sue me.]) My typical MO is to take a little of what I’m given and let my imagination go from there. I’ve made farreaching adventures from what was supposed to be a curiosity that got me thinking. Any way, thank you for the web site! I’ve already bookmarked it. Later! 🙂

    • Thanks for reading James. I hope you liked the article on making magic items, because I was thinking about our old Earthdawn games will writing the section on naming.

  2. I love Monte’s Ptolus… I haven’t seen the new Pathfinder content, so I will check it out!

    • I have heard that Ptolus is the greatest 3.5 campaign ever written. I will have to get a copy and read it.

      • i thankfully have a copy that I pre-ordered when it was in production.
        The cheapest one I’ve seen out there is 300 USD. The city, to me, rivals or exceeds City State of the Invincible Overlord – and that is saying a lot! The material in Ptolus could be used in other systems, if you changed the stats, but it is almost a game in itself!

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