Rey Clark Interview


Tell us about your new title.
My lasted work released at the end of March.  Age of Redemption is the sequel to Dawn of Genesis in the Titan Code Science Fiction Series.

Still on track for this year:

  • Second middle grade fantasy book, Legends of the Weirded Ways
  • New historical fantasy series set during World War II.
  • Coming soon the Realm of Thraul collaborative project with artist Rich Kunz and three other authors.  The playing card suit reimagined.  I will be writing for the diamonds.  Think Asian Steampunk.

How has the current Covid-19 crisis affected your process?
Normally I write or edit on my lunch hour, but with work being so crazy busy I haven’t had a lunch since January.  I work in the financial industry and serve on the bank’s Pandemic Response Team, so we have been outlining contingency after contingency.  My desk is currently swamped with folk needed loan payment deferrals or mortgage forbearances so that has taken the front seat as a priority.  Now time for lunch.  I’ve moved my writing time to the evenings and weekend and have tried to move forward in large chunks.  Right now, I’m still on schedule.

How much of yourself do you put into your protagonists?
I try to diversify my protagonists to keep them fresh, but of course some of myself bleeds through.  I don’t fashion them all in my image otherwise they would all be the same.  Each one does have a piece of me.  I tend to be bold and straightforward with a sarcastic tone so many times that is reflected in my protagonists.

What is the greatest challenge currently facing self-published authors?
I think recognition and exposure are the two largest challenges facing self-published authors.  There is still a stigma that self-published work is inferior to traditional published work, but I’ve read some fantastic indie work.  There is unfortunately crap out there in the market too, but I believe that the good stuff will bubble to the top.  Self-publishing offers a wide variety of diversity in writing rather than a few major publishing houses deciding what you want to read.  Indie publishing gives the reader more to choose from.

The other issue is exposure.  There is so much content on the market right now its difficult to gain any traction in the marketing arena.  Finding readers can be a challenge.  Conventions work best for me to get my name out there. Specifically, gaming conventions for my genre.  Super bummed about Lexicon this year (stupid virus), I was on target to release Age of Redemption there.

How do you deal with Writer’s Block?
Whiskey, lots and lots of whiskey.  All joking aside, I plot out my books course before I ever start writing.  The rough plot line helps me outline my chapters, so I know what’s happening where and when in the story.  If I always know the next event in the story, I can’t have writer’s block.

Sometimes inspiration doesn’t strike in the moment I sit down to write but I move forward regardless.  If I write and dull lifeless chapter, I’m sure to pick up on that during the editing process.  That triggers a re-write and corrective course for the tone and plot of the story.

If you could do psychedelic mushrooms with one Supreme Court Justice, past or present, who would it be?
Hands down, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  She’s one bad ass woman. I’d love to get inside her mind for a minute.  I’ve not met her but last year I did sit in the main chamber of the Supreme Court.  Spoiler alert: Its not the highest court in the land.  The basketball court above the chamber is the highest court in the land.

You’ve recently started to add your books on Audible, how is that going?
First book in the Path of Ascension Trilogy went live in December and the narrator is currently working on the second book, Fire Forged.  It’s been a painless process.

You and Katniss step into the ring, who struts away in triumph and who limps away in shame?
Since it is a boxing ring and I am a kickboxer and Katniss would be up close and personal rather than using her bow, I’m going to say that I would kick her ass. 

About the Author
Rey Clark is science fiction and fantasy author from central Illinois. Her desire and motivation to inspire others does not stop with the readers.  Rey works in her community to foster creativity and spark new writers to explore their own creativity.

Path of Ascension Trilogy

  • Flames of Valor
  • Fire Forged
  • Inferno Rising

Titan Code Series

  • Dawn of Genesis
  • Age of Redemption
  • Final Legacy (2021)

Legends Chronicles

  • Legends of the Vale
  • Legends of the Weirded Ways (Fall 2020)
  • Legends of the Phoenix Flame (2022)

All books can be purchased on Amazon in either print of ebook.  Flames of Valor is currently available on Audible.  Fire Forged & Inferno Rising should be available on Audible by the end of 2020.

Other projects include:

  • MurderHobos Inc Live tabletop RPG gaming on YouTube.
  • Titanholm Gaming – A new world to explore through 5th edition D&D.  Titanholm is a world of high fantasy and steampunk.
  • Realm of Thraul – a fantasy world with four unique kingdoms locked in a power struggle.  The cultures are interpretations of traditional playing card suits.  The project involves Rich Kunz as the artist and four authors.  Rey is developing thee world of diamonds, an eastern inspired culture with elements of steampunk.


Learn more at


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