Game of Thrones, Season 8, Episode 2 Review

This week’s Game of Thrones Season 8 review comes from sci-fi author, Rey Clark.

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms


It’s difficult to stomach the fact that there are only four more episodes left of the beloved HBO drama Game of Thrones.  The journey has been full of twists and turns, and the show is known for pulling the rug out from under the viewers.  Viewers have learned that no character is safe in the world of Westeros.  With the ominous tone of season 8’s “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” (episode 2), viewers are left wondering which of characters will die and which will survive.  This episode does a fantastic job of setting up the impending doom of the Battle of Winterfell.  Most of the characters in the episode treat it as their last night to be alive and their last efforts to prepare for an epic showdown between the living and the dead.

The episode begins with a pivotal moment in Jamie Lannister’s redemption character arc.  Jamie has been humbled throughout the show and has been on the road of redemption ever since he lost his hand.  Brienne happened to be one to vouch for Jamie at Winterfell.  Jamie also had a moment with Bran where he apologized for pushing him out the window and crippling him as a child.  Bran accepts Jamie’s apology when faced with the logic that Bran would not have become the three-eyed raven if Jamie had not pushed him from the window.  Bran also hints that he isn’t really Bran Stark anymore and that he is someone else entirely.  As a viewer, I would love to know more about the three-eyed raven, and I’m hoping more will be revealed in the final episodes.  One line seemed to jump out at me during this conversation.  Bran asks Jamie, “how do you know there is an afterward?”  I’ve always wondered if the end is simple in the fact that the Night King wins and everyone dies.

Daenerys attempts to ally with Sansa, and I’m impressed with the way Sansa handled herself.  During the conversation, I couldn’t help but see a little of Cersei in Sansa.  Sansa’s time in King’s Landing was tragic, but it seems like Sansa learned a lot about playing the game in her time there.  There was a moment where I though Daenerys might succeed in manipulating Sansa.  When Daenerys argued that Jon manipulated her rather than the other way around; Sansa had a moment of clarity in realizing that almost seemed to be the case.  The conversation took a turn when Sansa asked Daenerys “What about the North.”  The North fought for independence and Sansa isn’t going to give it up without a fight.

The plan to use Bran as bait seems like a terrible idea, and the fact that Theon and the Ironborn will be protecting him isn’t a great comfort.  My question is that if Bran and the Night King have a connection that borders on a physic bond then isn’t it possible the Night King already knows about the plan.  It is fitting that this showdown is planned to take place by the Weirwood.  I wonder if the tree will play any role in this encounter.  The Weirwoods seem to have magical qualities.  Is Bran planning on using this?

There were a few relationships that seemed to spring up this late in the game.  There is speculation that Sansa and Theon might become the next coupling.  I don’t see that happening.  Sansa did have an emotional reaction to seeing Theon, but he is more like a brother to Sansa.  Remember that Theon grew up with the Starks, so he is like a member of the family.  Having him back home to fight for Winterfell and his childhood home was touching.  The fans were rooting for the Arya, and Gendry hook up, and they got it in this episode, but there was some fan backlash.  I felt like it fit Arya’s character.  She’s become a powerful character, and Arya has always done her own thing.  So it makes sense she wanted to experience sex before possibly dying.  Let’s not forget that Arya isn’t an innocent child anymore.  She killed the Frey’s and fed them to their father before killing him as retribution for the Red Wedding.  Last season she executed Littlefinger by slitting his throat.  Bottom line; Arya isn’t a little girl anymore, and if she wants to proposition Gendry, then that’s her prerogative.

I think one of the best scenes from episode 2 was around the fireplace with Tyrion, Jamie, Davos, Brienne, Podrick and Tormund.  My favorite was the chest puffing between Tormund and Jamie over Brienne’s attention.  Tormund’s giant story was hilariously awkward, but then perhaps that’s how you pick up girls north of the wall.  Jamie’s decision to knight Brienne was an emotional moment, and Brienne deserved her moment of recognition.  Podrick’s song was both beautiful and foreboding.  There is speculation that the song foreshadows events to come, but we won’t know for sure until episode 3 airs.  While the song played, the viewer was given what might be the last time we see some of these characters alive.  We also see the last battlement preparations of dragonglass spikes, moats, and weapons distribution.  The dead are upon them and what they have ready now is what they have for the battle.  Time is up, and their enemy has arrived.

Just before the warning bells sound, Daenerys finds Jon in the crypt at the tomb of Lyanna Stark, and she learns of Jon’s Targaryen lineage and his substantial claim to the Iron Throne.  Daenerys didn’t get time to react to the information before they were summoned to the battlements.  She needs to set it aside and focus on the battle at hand first.  But is Daenerys capable of doing that?

Some questions to ponder before episode 3 “Battle of Winterfell”:

Who will live and who will die?  I think it’s safe to assume we will lose more than half of the remaining characters.  Who those characters will be is anyone’s guess

If Winterfell is overrun by the dead will Daenerys go full Mad Queen?  Will Daenerys burn Winterfell with dragon fire if the dead get inside survivors or not.

Are the crypts safe?  The Night King can raise the dead so being surrounded by the dead doesn’t seem like a safe option.

Will we see zombie Hodor?  We might see other characters return as zombies as well which could be interesting.

Will the Night King even show up?  A lot is riding on the idea that the Night King will come for Bran.  What if the Night King doesn’t show up?  What if he shows up and defeating the Night King doesn’t defeat the dead?

Will Melisandre return with help in time?  We know that Melisandre will eventually return to Westeros.  She revealed to Varys last season that she is destined to die in Westeros.  I wonder if she will return with a magical army of Red Wizards.  If so will that be enough to save Winterfell, or is Winterfell destined to fall?

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