Pathfinder 2nd Edition Playtest


Today we sit down with Patrick Schreurs to discuss the Pathfinder second edition playtest. Patrick is a venture lieutenant for the Pathfinder Society in Illinois and spent a great deal of time at Gen Con 2018 running players through the playtest materials.

Did any classes get deleted or added?
The “core classes” are back, they also included the Alchemist into the core group. During the design they looked at the “core” question and landed with the list as it sits now (Alchemist, Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Fighter, Paladin, Ranger, Rouge, Sorcerer, Wizard). But don’t worry, in future products they will look to include the other base and expanded classes that have become so popular in 1st ed.
Did they fix the stacking modifiers?
This one is hard to answer, I’ve played a lot of lower level play, but have yet to expand in higher level which normally has those stacking modifiers. Looking at it, it does look like they have addressed this issue as there are fewer modifiers but that could also be that I haven’t come across it yet. Time will tell.
Does it resemble 5e or is still it’s own thing?
It felt like Pathfinder to me. I’ve played some 5e, and it doesn’t fell like it to me, but I can see why some think so by simply looking at it and not playing.
What do you like best about the redesign?

There’s a ton!

Encounter mode (combat mode), the simplicity and elegance of the three-action a round is widely understated! The ability to get through a combat round with ease and near limitless option in choices, in my opinion, is by far the best change in the game. It’s Simple, Quick, and effective!

Spells, for as long as I’ve been playing RPGs, have had some form of requirements for spell casting such as verbal, somatic, and material, or some other forms. In this edition is the first time I am aware of that those requirements fit into the action-based economy perfectly. It just makes sense to me, I love that.

How closely does it resemble Starfinder?
Pathfinder 2ed has similar feels when it comes to character creation, and it does use the “bulk” rules for item incumbrance which seem to come straight from Starfinder.

Will it take much work for DMs to use their 1e materials?
I don’t believe this will be an issue. Its never simple to convert one game material to another as a general rule, but being so close in concept and design it can be done.

What did player dislike during the Gen Con playtests you ran?
I’ve run a ton of demo play so far (all lower level), the only dislikes I’ve heard is players want the classes they had in 1st Ed, which will come in time, and the general hesitation or reservation in the beginning of play that would wash away after the game finished. I assume that’s the normal reaction to something new, especially after they’ve played the same game for years and are now looking at a New game.

What is the estimated release date?
2ed release date is schedule to launch at Gen Con 2019.
Play testing is running from Gen Con 2018 – Gen Con 2019. Paizo has been and will be collecting information and feed back from the surveys and adjusting the game as they find areas that don’t work or need tweaking. They have already adjusted rules based on those feeds backs, so please if you play, take a minute or two and fill out those surveys, they can and will impact the game in its final version.


You can learn more about the playtest and download materials at:


Patrick Schreurs is a gamer with 29 years of experience and the organizer of Lodge Con

Lodge Con – February 9th and 10th 2019, is an annual consumer fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, and hobby game convention in Peotone, Illinois. In February gaming enthusiasts will converge to share their love for all things gaming, from tournaments, guest appearances, vendor hall, seminars, and workshops.
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