Boccob’s Blessed Blog Turns Six



Today B3 turns six years old. According to a child development tracker on the PBS website that means :

  • Six-year-olds have longer attention spans and continue to prefer structured activities to more open-ended experiences.
  • They read a variety of texts for pleasure (e.g., stories, informational texts, poems) and draw upon a variety of comprehension strategies to understand and enjoy texts. (I read gaming books at an eight grade level I’ll have you know!)
  • Their vocabularies rapidly increase, and their language moves beyond communication to provide a foundation for learning, including the development of independent reading skills. (Hell yes, diadem, trebuchet, gorget, so gamers have vast lexicons)
  • Given exposure and practice, six-year-olds use a wider variety of materials to create visual images that combine colors, forms and lines (Yup, my mapping skills are tight)

Anywho, thank you for reading, commenting and contributing. If you enjoy our content be sure to check out for affordable 5e content.

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