The DM’s Oh Sh!t Sheet

As any DM knows, you can’t plan for every contingency. Many times your players will take you in a direction you did not expect. Every DM will find him/herself in need of a quick name or some treasure for an unexpected encounter. Well that’s where the Oh Sh!t Sheet comes in.

This one-page DM aid contains:

  • 52 male names
  • 52 female names
  • 5 encounters
  • 5 traps
  • 40 pre-rolled treasures CR 1-20

So if you need a name for the innkeeper or blacksmith you didn’t plan for, or when you need a quick treasure roll but don’t want to lose momentuem on your session by stopping to roll treasure, you can use the Oh Sh!t Sheet.

Oh Sh!t Sheet

Be sure to check out our download page for more pre-rolled treasure, name sheets, and and quest ideas.

2 Responses to “The DM’s Oh Sh!t Sheet”

  1. Now you have names, enjoy my little shortcut for fleshing out NPCs in a hurry.

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