Wizard’s to Resume Miniature Sales

Wizard’s of the Coast announced at this year’s Gen COn that they would resume the production of miniature for a new skirmish board game. Rodney Thompson from Wizard’s said, “we are planning to release themed sets of miniatures in the future; accompanying these minis will be new skirmish rules that we are pleased to offer now for playtesting.”

If you want to learn more, visit this link to visit the article on Wizards.com.

I only hope that “themed sets” means, orcs, drow, goblins, etc., and not factions. Themed sets would sell like crazy. No more having to buy thirty packs in the hopes of getting enough orc miniatures to run an encounter.


7 Responses to “Wizard’s to Resume Miniature Sales”

  1. From the presentation I say from WotC at ACD’s Game Day, they will be factions but apart from the ‘heroes” faction they are all tied to major D&D villain races: Drow, Orcs, Goblins, Undead. Unfortunately, I did not write down the release schedule.

    The WotC rep also said that the initial sets would be mostly repaints of older figures with only a few new figures and each set would share a unifying paint scheme.

  2. For plastic mini’s, I was always impressed with how well they looked for the most part. They definitely had some cool looking stuff…

  3. i am happy they are making this move as a consumer i much prefer haveing more control over what i buy, particluarly after loooking at my stock an seeing 7 tri-horn behemoths from the last set they released.

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