Want a Free Trip Hawaii?

Wizard’s of the Coast is running a contest to hype their new Neverwinter Campaign Setting.

You simply answer a series of questions testing your knowledge of Neverwinter (and Neverwinter-themed products) and e-mail your answers to Wizards.

The contest runs until Dec. 10th 2011. The winner will win a one week vacation for two to the great state of Hawaii.

Worth a shot! Here is the link to the official page.

1. Gauntlgrym

Question: What is the full name of the “guest” from the Kingdom of Many-Arrows who appears in the prologue of Gauntlgrym?

2. Neverwinter Fortune Cards

Question: The D&D Fortune Card, Inconceivable Failure, leaves you in what condition when played?

3. Neverwinter Campaign Setting

Question: The Ashmadai are a brutal cult of worshippers sworn to who?

4. The Legend of Drizzt: Neverwinter Tales

Question: Where did Drizzt and Pwent last face Valindra Shadowmantle?

5. D&D Encounters: Lost Crown of Neverwinter

Question: How many weeks long is D&D Encounters: Lost Crown of Neverwinter?

6. D&D Lair Assault

Question: What is the name of the first challenge for D&D Lair Assault, premiering on September 1?

7. Neverwinter

Question: Who is the presumptive leader of the bandits Drizzt fights in the prologue to Neverwinter?

8. Neverwinter for PC

Question: What type of dragon appears in the Neverwinter Trailer?

9. Legend of Drizzt boardgame

Question: How many plastic miniatures are included in the Legend of Drizzt game?

Here are the questions

One Response to “Want a Free Trip Hawaii?”

  1. 1. Jessa Dribble-Obould
    2. Dazed
    3. Asmodeus
    4. Gauntlgrym
    5. 8
    6. forge of the dawn titan
    8. An Adult blue dragon
    9. 42

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