Monster Mash-Up Contest

Wizards is hosting a contest where gamers combine monsters to create something new and terrible.


This year, we’re seeking your nominations — just submit your hybrid creature and up to 250 words of its description. We’ll then judge your nominations, and select sixteen hybrids to populate the next Creature Competition. As always, you’ll vote for each pairing in the competition to determine which creature advances to the next round. The final winner will then be statted up (with art) for a future Dungeon article.

As a further bonus, the person who nominated the winning creature will receive both a copy of the following: (1) Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale and (1) Dungeon Tiles: Witchlight Fens. The contest begins at 12:01 AM (PST) on June 3, 2011. All encounters must be received on or before 11:59 PM on June 17, 2011.

So if you think you’ve got an idea for a new mash-up that is unique and deadly, write it up and submit!

Entries due by June 17th

Official rules


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